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Shando Theron of Theron Inc has regular guest appearances on South Africa’s top TV and Radio shows.

Meet Shando Theron of Theron INC, Johannesburg’s leading Matrimonial Attorneys

22 May 2020

The National Coronavirus Command Council has amended the regulations on the custody to move children between their respective homes during lockdown. To speak more about this, Mathapelo Moloi speaks to Shando Theron, Family Law expert.

10 April 2020

Divorce and Custody lawyer Shando Theron answers questions around co-parenting during the pandemic lockdown.

7 April 2020

The issue of co-parenting in South Africa during the 21-day national lockdown has led to a lot of confusion and stress for divorced parents who share custody of their children. Since the national lockdown was announced, questions have been raised regarding whether a child whose time is shared between parents who live in different houses would be able to move between them during the time. Now to discuss this further we are now joined via Skype by Shando Theron from Theron, Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys.

30 March 2020

Nickolaus Bauer speaks to Shando Theron, Matrimonial expert on the dilemma separated/divorced parents are facing as movement of children is prohibited during the lockdown.

4 March 2020

The question of relocation after parental divorce is difficult and complex.
Nicklaus Bauer spoke to specialist Divorce and Matrimonial Lawyer Shando Theron from Theron, Inc.

The Aubrey Masango Show

18 February 2020

Guest: Shando Theron – Attorney and matrimonial mediator.

14 February 2020

Guest: Shando Theron is a divorce attorney who specializes in father’s rights.

The Aubrey Masango Show

28 January 2020

Legal Matters- Protection orders, kidnapping, and all legalities, rights, and processes etc, when facing dangerous situations.

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