Allistair Daniels
March 4, 2020

On the verge of ending my life, a hero rescued me with words of wisdom, guided me and set my mentality straight. Please catch my mentor on 702 from 10 today, especially farthers. This man has moved mountains in my life.


Christall Kay

“I briefed Shando Theron in my divorce in January, by June I was divorced, he is the best, period” Christall Kay, celebrity and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF JOHANNESBURG star.


K Assam

“He is a committed attorney that will continuously give you unsurpassed advice (in the simplest language). Shando, in his canny mannerism, is always overly prepared and equipped to go to “battle” for his clients to achieve the agreed results. What made the difference in the end was his ability to reassure me in every situation”


C Roman

“Shando is the kind of attorney who will never let you down. He is extremely knowledgeable, strategy orientated and ferocious to achieve results. He also cares about his clients which makes all the difference. I will recommend him to everyone that needs an attorney”




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