At Theron Inc, Craighall Park, we pride ourselves on obtaining the best possible results for clients, be it settlement or litigation.

Theron Inc specializes in divorce, custody, disputed relocations of children, protection orders, customary marriages, wills & family tests, and maintenance. We have worked on hundreds of cases and have a unique set of skills to effectively and expeditiously resolve matters for the best possible outcome.


We understand that when your marriage has fallen apart and you are no longer functioning as husband and wife that it is a confusing and painful experience. Coupled with the fact that your most intimate family relations can be exhibited and displayed within the legal system can be a cause of major tension, stress and anxiety.

At Theron Inc, we know you want to move on with your life as soon and as painless as possible. Going to Court is a day in our lives. But for you, it is an experience remembered and not forgotten or easily forgiven. Your legal concerns related to you, your post-divorce life and your post – divorce family compel us to focus on your particular needs during this emotionally stressful time, recognizing that everyone reacts differently to this kind of stress. We understand that your particular situation is unique to you.

We also know that a Dissolution of Marriage is not the end of the process. There are other important issues such as child custody, contact and access to your children, child and spousal maintenance and the division of your matrimonial property. Fortunately, we at Theron Inc are skilled in handling family and matrimonial law matters as it is all that we do, including paternity, post-dissolution issues and amendments and modifications to settlement agreements and parenting plans, (should the need arise), and we can assist you with each of these complex issues.

Child Custody, Care & Contact

At Theron Inc, Craighall Park, we understand that being denied access to your children or not being allowed to see them can be one of the most painful experiences for a person, this coupled with the stress of divorce, without support and guidance can shatter any adult and push them over the edge.

This can lead to irrational behavior, family violence interdicts and even jail time.

At Theron Inc, we understand this and the need to as soon as possible regulate the contact and access with and to and with your children, pending the finalisation of your divorce. We focus on putting into place contact and care arrangements that are in their best interest and will allow regular, predictable and quality time bonding as a parent.

Even if you have faced jail time, or due to other issues are denied or restricted access to your children, we will prove to the court that you have been rehabilitated and set into place a parenting plan that guarantees your contact with your children.

Your children have a right to see you and have you as an involved parent in their life. At Theron Inc know and understand how important that is to you.

Disputed Relocation of Children

National and International

This area of law, due to international mobility and internet dating, is rapidly expanding.

The custodial parent, often the mother, for various reasons decides to relocate to another country or city, without an afterthought of the effect such a relocation will have on contact between you and your children, while demanding increased maintenance.

She would not hug a webcam, yet you are expected to. At Theron Inc., we understand the value that children receive form having both parents present in their life and that children without fathers are at risk.

Your children have a right to have you present and available in their lives.

Protection Orders, (Domestic Violence) Interdicts & Anti-Harassment Orders

At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, Craighall Park, we understand that issues of Family and Matrimonial Law, protection orders and criminal defence often overlap, we routinely represent people accused of domestic assault, which frequently overlaps with Protection Orders, either in obtaining or defending them, on their own or in relation to Child Custody Cases. If you have been accused of such a crime or require protection for you and your children, contact our office today.

Domestic Violence allegations often arise with Divorce or Separation Proceedings and Custody Disputes. At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, we understand the unfortunate reality that domestic violence allegations are sometimes used by spouses or partners to gain advantage in other areas. We understand that these charges are not always justified, and that frequently there is more happening in the family than what is immediately apparent on the surface.

We will ensure that each Parenting Plan and Settlement Agreement is specifically tailored to your situation and circumstances and affords you the necessary protection and peace of mind.

Customary Marriages

At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, Craighall Park, we fully understand that this is a complex area of law involving many different traditions and customs and that the law on this subject is growing and developing every day.

We can assist you in Lobola negotiations and ensure that it be done in such a way for you and your children’s benefit, should you already have children, and can also on your behalf negotiate a fair amount to be paid for your bride, should you so require.

We can also draw up an Antenuptial Contract between you and each of your wives and a Final Will and ensure the proper registration of subsequent marriages for the protection of all your wives and your children in case of death or disaster.

When you require your customary marriage to be ended as you no longer function as husband or wife, we can give you the best chance of doing so in a dignified manner that you can have access to your children, whether they live with your ex-wife or her parents.

If you are a wife in such marriage, whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd wife, that is ending, we understand and are sensitive to traditional customs and will, whilst keeping tradition in mind, endeavor to obtain the best possible settlement for you and your children.

Should you or your children require maintenance from the Estate of your deceased husband, we can also provide guidance and services to assist you and we advise you to contact us.

Family Trusts

At Theron Inc, we pride ourselves in drafting Family Trusts that stand the test of time and fit for purpose, whether that purpose is to protect or ring-fence assets, protect them from attachment by previous spouses or future claimants.

Where necessary we employ outside experts in estate planning when dealing with multi-jurisdictional estates and assets.

Antenuptial Contract Will and Trusts

At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, Craighall Park we understand that it’s a big, sometimes bad and complex world out there and that this is a tough old city.

We understand that your future and your legacy are important to you and matters and relationships that once were good turn bad and come to an end.

At Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, Craighall Park, we have a wide range of legal documentation that will regulate matters when and if the unforeseen or unthinkable would occur.

We can expertly draft Antenuptial Contracts, Wills and Trusts that allot, ring-fence and protect certain assets and regulates the division of your estate upon divorce, separation or death.

Should you require such services, contact us at Theron Inc Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys and we can attend on to your specific needs.

Never Married? Parenting Plans & Cohabitation Agreements

We understand that many couples choose not to get married but still own joint assets and are co-parents to children.

We at Theron Inc understand that when these co-habitation relationships come to an end, that you are as in need of protection and guidance as when a formal marriage or customary union comes to an end.

We understand that issues such as protection from Domestic Violence, Child Custody and Maintenance and regular contact with your child (ren) are no less pertinent and important issues to you as in a traditional divorce.

If you need guidance and assistance, or want cohabitation or a separation agreement drafted for your specific situation, contact us and we will assist you.

Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance is a complex and often misunderstood area of matrimonial law. The procedure for obtaining or altering maintenance order is unlike any other court proceedings involving several procedural and administrative steps that need to be completed before the matter is deemed trial-ready.

Theron Inc, we are competent in this field. We understand what is required to advance or defend your matter.

We pride ourselves in resolving and furthering, within the complex legal system, the legally relevant and unique issues to your specific matter.

We take the required effort and time to understand your specific circumstances so that we can, if needed, effectively negotiate with the prosecution or opposing attorney to have the charges dropped or reduced or the matter abandoned. If such negotiations fail we can are skilled trial attorneys who can accurately and adequately defend you in court.

Should you require and increase or decrease in maintenance due to changed circumstances, we can also ably assist and advise you.

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