Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys is a firm that specializes in Divorce and Matrimonial Law and all aspects thereof. We have as our motto, and on our letterhead our three core values, Professionalism, Integrity and Efficiency.

Integrity – A complaint that many clients have concerning their legal representatives is that (a) there lawyer is not available when they are attempting to reach them, (b) they are unsure how much and for what they are being feed.

At Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys we strive to always be available to our clients, if we are consulting or in court, to within 20 minutes thereafter, to return all missed calls, all clients have their attorneys personal cell number in case of emergencies.

Confusion about invoices is not an issue at Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, client’s sign a comprehensive fee agreement that states exactly how, and for what they are being billed. Also, no Advocate, Private Investigator, Mediator, or Social Worker’s services will be engaged without the written instruction of the client, the client having been well familiarized with the service and the cost thereof.

Efficiency: Divorce and Matrimonial legal issues and litigation are stressful, often involve bitter fighting and are emotionally draining. At Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys we have found that the above is compounded by the client not understanding the complexity of the legal process and not knowing what the next step in the procedure is and what to expect.

At Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys, we give 2 x monthly updates to client on what has happened, what is happening at present and what lies ahead. Forewarned is forearmed and having our clients know what the road ahead may hold, we have found ‘relieves a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Professionalism – we pride ourselves on our professionalism as far as obtaining the best possible settlement for our clients, when litigating – we litigate to win and when attending on matter we are fully prepared and up to date with the current law on the matter.



Shando Theron qualified at Stellenbosch with a BA LAW, LLB. He is currently completing his LLM in Family and Matrimonial Law and will then start his PHD in the subject. He qualified as an Advocate and a member of the Cape Bar before practicing as an attorney in Johannesburg. He ran the Family Law department at Bouverie Burger & Theron before starting Theron’s Divorce & Matrimonial Attorneys. He has been published in various publications and is a prolific writer on the area of Family and Matrimonial Law. In his younger years he was an officer in the elite Parachute Battalion.



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